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Have you ever dreamed of an attractive posterior? There is good news for you: buttock reshaping is now possible. Just like breast augmentation, your posterior can also be reshaped into being attractive. The size can be augmented by special silicone butt implants, which are inserted into your buttock muscle, enhancing its shape and contours. If you do not wish to use silicone, you can also opt for the “Brazilian Butt Lift”, where your own body fat (from other areas) is lipo-sucked, processed and re-injected into your buttock area, enhancing its shape.


On the other hand, if you feel your back side is too large, then it can be reduced by a day-care, liposculpting procedure.


The procedure usually takes a few hours and is done under general anesthesia. A day's admission is all that is required. In fact, in case of silicon enhancement, you can resume your daily activities on the second day after surgery; a few more days of care are required after a fat augmentation. There are rarely any complications, long-term or short. Please book an appointment with us for further information

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