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Tummy Tuck


Abdominoplasty' is the surgical term for the operation carried out to eliminate excess skin and fat from the mid- to lower-abdominal region. If necessary, the tummy muscles can also be tightened at the same time. This excess tissue is often the result of childbearing or of obesity, which are followed by considerable weight loss; this, in turn, causes stretching or sagging of all the abdominal structures. Diet and exercise alone cannot provide the required correction, since the deformity stems primarily from a structural change.


The cosmetic surgeon may also suggest Liposuction in conjunction with the standard ‘Tummy Tuck’ procedure, in appropriate cases, to achieve the desired result. However, please note that this is not a procedure designed to remove weight from the obese patient -- there is usually little weight lost as a result of this operation. This procedure re-contours the body and alters the patient's abdominal shape, thus improving the profile or silhouette. The Tummy Tuck procedure can also help remove stretch marks and scars from the lower part of the abdomen, but a new scar will result. Obviously, with your physical aesthetics as our goal, the scar will be in your natural crease line as far as possible.


Finally, an Abdominal Lipectomy causes a permanent improvement to the shape of the tummy. After this procedure, patients are able to fit into clothes that they could not wear previously, increasing in confidence about their body.




​Post-operative care instructions will be given by the cosmetic surgeon at the appropriate time but, generally speaking, most patients will feel well enough to get out of bed on the day of the operation itself . A two nights' stay in the hospital is sometimes required, after which the patient can return home to convalesce. The healing wound and dressing must be kept clean and dry until the first post-operative visit. Stitch removal is usually 7 to 14 days after a Tummy Tuck surgery. Most of the time, patients can return to work after the 14 days, but strenuous exercise and lifting must be avoided for at least six weeks. A good, healthy diet -- low in fat -- and plenty of gentle exercise are encouraged.

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